Sunday, May 22, 2011

Random pictures

I am always with my phone so I catch a lot of memorable moments on photo, but I don't always remember to post them on the blog. So here are some of them in the last month or so.

We planted a few flowers this spring. These are right outside the kitchen window so we have something nice to look at. (J in yellow, K in red.)

Big M is flowering the carpet Lilies I planted in the front yard. Little M is trying to help.

After my new haircut - 7 inches of hair gone. I have no idea why this picture is bigger than the rest - I'm not vain. :)

J tapping into her Filipino blood - eating with her hand.

Big M is playing with a stick he found at the park.

At a lunch date with Daddy at a yummy burrito place! Yum!

The trio getting ready to release a monarch butterfly. These sippy cups are really not used anymore except when someone is sick and needs a drink outside the kitchen. And of course if one uses one, the other girl needs one too. (K with a pink sippy, J with a purple sippy.)

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