Sunday, May 29, 2011

A date with K

K and I had a date yesterday for her special one-on-one day with me. I took her to chuckEcheese's which was surprisingly not a madhouse like I thought it was going to be. We went an house after it opened. I got coins and let her play whatever she wanted - and she played everything even the cars where she was too short to reach the pedal. We ate when she wanted and then she wanted to go. This may have been because I mentioned that I wanted to go to the store after. But being a girl, she changed her mind and wanted to play some more. So we did. In one game where we could win tickets, she pressed the button in the middle of me explaining to her what she needed to do. She won the jackpot and got 120 tickets. I let her do what she wanted after that. :) She also got a little stingy and wouldn't give me coins to play the games. "This is the last one, Mommy," she said. The little booger.

Of course when we got home the other 2 were jealous. We had to remind J that the me time would be her and Daddy.

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