Thursday, May 26, 2011

tech savvy baby

My baby is almost 14 months old and already he is very tech savvy. When he sees cell phones and the house phone, he picks them up and brings them to his ear and says, "aloh!"  When he picks up a TV remote control, he holds it up to the TV and starts pressing on the buttons. He knows that the ceiling fan/light remote points out to the ceiling fan. He points the Wii remove to the TV also. And when it comes to the handheld baby video monitor, he holds it up to his mouth and start babbling. He sees us talk through the monitor to talk to the kids when they're in their rooms.

The only thing he is questionable about is the computer mouse. I've seen him use it properly but putting it on the keyboard and moving it around, but one day he brought the mouse out in the backyard. Was he trying to walk the mouse? I just don't know.

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